World Traveler

Beautiful Forelle pears lounging at the local Persian market on a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon. They were so gorgeous how could I not choose a few to enjoy for myself? Throw in a handful of almonds, a slice of sharp white cheddar and freshly made pistachio halvah for dessert . . . anyone care to join me?

At this particular market you can order a kebab lunch of grilled tomato that comes with a chicken koobideh skewer, a handful of fresh mint and basil thrown in AND a generous portion of steaming hot, fresh-from-the-oven sesame flat bread. THAT, my friends, is good eating. They have an elegantish restaurant upstairs above the market but on weekends they create a pop-up cafe right out in front of the store. An experienced grill master hovers over a blazing hot, five foot long open grill, and at his discretion gives his friend’s orders priority. No one else in this little crowd spoke my language—at least not as their native tongue. My Sunday provisions procurement for the week ahead came with a cultural visit worth more than triple the price of the lunch.

Here’s what I realized – I was easily transported to another geographical location with nary a passport or a baggage check. A little like a Startrek/time traveler mash-up in a “beam me up Scotty” sort of manner to whereever the teleporter might take me.

We can be transported to another place in time as if in virtual reality and because of the complexity of mind and spirit we’ve been given we can emerge refreshed and with a renewed perspective. Have you experienced that before? We rejoice over the savings in airfare and hotel fees while avoiding all the dreaded luggage packing, et Cetera. Don’t get me wrong, legit world travel is not to be avoided if you can by any means swing it however . . . one can get away in one’s mind if one remains open to new and varied experiences. New flavors and aromas and languages and customs. Free and spacious thinking just might occur, leading to fresh and hopeful ideas and solutions.

Try it and you might be amazed where it takes you.

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