Attention to Detail

The starter soup at the Thai restaurant was delicately delicious on its own. My tastebuds told me so and even if my eyes had been closed I would have thought thus. But but I’m glad they were open to observe the fancy cut carrots that played a starring role in said concoction.

Really? An underpaid prep assistant back in the kitchen is cranking these out? And not for a main entree but for the warm-up band to the main act? Awesome! The detail of their work was not lost on me but enhanced my enjoyment of the soup. The green onions floating nearby were no doubt proud to be in their company.

Awaken your eye for the subtle detail. Notice. Details matter even if largely missed by the general public. Details make a defining difference between the every day and the not-so. Details elevate. Go for the detail when you put yourself out there to the world be it a brightly colored bobby-pin or meaningful tie clasp or shoelace pattern or Star Wars pin on your jacket or fancy cut carrot in your soup. •

I once knew (and still do) an educator who, in the earlier phase of his career, wore cream and navy colored leather saddle oxford shoes with a red rubber sole. It was a subtle statement piece but a detail that you remembered and in a way it defined what he was all about. They weren’t polished oxblood leather wingtips, which have an entirely different message, if you know what I mean. It was attention to detail. You knew he cared about the small stuff and that was comforting when you were the mom dropping off your “small stuff “ at the private elementary school he founded. It was his signature at that time in that role and in that point of his career. He was later recognized and honored by Disney as a distinguished leader in education.

What do the details of YOUR life say about YOU? Whether intentional or slapdash they speak. Those details have a language of their own and they tell others (who have eyes to

see and ears to hear) the story of you. Don’t hesitate to tell it.

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