In the Shadow

That little reddish rosette of a succulent plant is happy there, tucked under the shadow of the wing of its protector.

Just enough sun exposure to receive the photosynthesis to flourish. Just enough shade to remain protected from the heat. Life in a nutrient dense environment with a top layer of garden stones thrown in for good measure keeping its petticoat out of the dirt—a pretty sweet gig.

Now providing that it receives adequate watering and the occasional dose of MiracleGro this little succulent will be set for life. Pretty simple. Low maintenance. How do we then make things so complicated for ourselves? It just might be, but don’t wear this shoe if it doesn’t fit, that we, unlike our succulent friend, have an extraordinarily elevated sense of being. We may think we need more space to be our true selves. We may want to live in a bigger pot and not be under the shadow of anyone that might eclipse us. We may want to shine like the sun instead of letting the sun do its appointed sunshiny thing in our lives. Maybe want the birds that soar to sing our praises and the water below to reflect our magnificence.

We are pretty special after all and that’s a fact. Its just that living our best life and shining forth in all we were created to be isn’t nearly as lovely or as noble when we carry around our own spotlight. Sing our own praises. Write our own glowing press. Shoot me if you must but I’m saying it . . . bloom where you’re planted. You don’t have to believe that there’s a Master Gardener over your life for it to be true. Transplants happen. Bigger pots in better gardens happen. Elevation happens. Small isn’t bad though. Just bloom.

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