Like the Man

Like the man who could not walk but had friends who could. Friends like Rachel and Joey who rallied together in their care and compassion for his sorry situation. Friends who carried him on a stretcher to a house where a miracle worker was visiting. This miracle worker was turning water into wine and making blind people see. The admission was free with nary an intake chart in sight. No guarantee of payment expected. No overnight stay required at this free clinic of sorts. Just determined friends bringing this guy to this house of healing, to this pop-up hospital, to this flash mob of resurrection, if you will.

But the joint was full. Standing room only and no room at all for those who could not stand. So the determined friends found another way in and another way to get this friend up on his feet again. And that was down. They managed to get their friend above the crowd by taking him up to the roof and then (how they did this we don’t fully know) lowering him down by removing roof tiles and getting him in the presence of the healer.

This wasn’t an MD with a reserved parking space at Johns Hopkins hospital. None that gained their sight or were able to walk again that day cared about his credentials though. They got what they came for and more and it was absolutely free. They too became free. Maybe it was a foreshadow of the day to come when the healer himself would be lowered down. And in time they did lower The Healer down from where they’d hung him but it did not change his standing or his position on the throne in his father’s kingdom. Oh no, it confirmed his mission and his purpose.

You see, lowering isnt losing. That’s just what we status conscious folk think. Even the slightest of shift in our thinking can let the light into what seems to be a fixed situation and make space for a miracle.

“What if it IS possible?” you may ask. Well, It is.

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