It Starts With A J

Before the earth was formed . . . will you allow your mind to imagine it? When there was nothing but darkness and a mass of a planet that had no known life on it yet—there was a J.

When plants of every imaginable kind began to cover its surface, because at that point there was now Light—there was a J.

Fast forward to our planet now being filled with folk and our antsy-est of ancestors running amuck like sheep gone astray—there was a J then too.

I like that letter a lot. Its been the first letter of my name for as long as I can remember. And for a long time now I’ve known that my name was the girl version of John. Cool. That’s always been a good solid name. The name means “gift of God” after all and that’s a good thing. On the tour I took of Israel our jewish tour guide informed me that my name in Hebrew was Yohanna. One friend began to call me that for the duration of and even after the end of our trip. I heard that those ancient dudes spelled with a Y and pronounced with a J. Love that if its accurate.

There always was and always will be a J. Your name doesn’t have to start with a j or include a j to belong to The “J.” The everlasting creator who made the earth and all that is in it. There is deep and lasting love in that name like you’ve never known.


#Jehovah #Jesus #planetshaker #preacher #love #hope #joy #peace

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