Always Be

Always be.

Researchers and scientists who specialize in the study of the human brain have found that being thankful, feeling gratitude, appreciating people, circumstances, beauty, creation, and so on, is healing to our brains. It lights up our hypothalamus and has been proven to help relieve pain, increase good sleep, reduce anxiety and depression and more as our neurotransmitters get fired up for happiness.

No prescription needed. No co-pay required. What is needed instead is an ongoing acknowledgement that there IS good around me and happening “for” me. In the recounting of positive occurrences—even the smallest of good things—THAT can begin to turn the tide when the stuff of life is pressing in on us. THAT can have a terminal affect on the entangled threads of negative crap that we’ve allowed way too much real estate in our minds. The smalls of life and simple joys add up when we make intentional acknowledgement of them as something good happening FOR us. Then the healing effect of gratefulness begins to radiate like tiny ripples through the waters of my mind . . . (does anyone else hear a Glen Campbell song playing softly in the background or is that just me?).

A ray of hope and a light in the darkness begins to twinkle in our gray matter because we appreciated that smile from a stranger and that person who let us go ahead of them in line. Instead of cursing the red light that slowed us down replace the thought with gratefulness that this possibly may have altered the drive time just enough to prevent a collision further up the road.

Always be grateful. Yes, always be. Sunday salutations. . .

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