Gather My Thoughts

I’ve always preferred to get up before the sun or anyone else does and enjoy the quiet at the start of the day. For me the early morning hours are the best hours. Pre-sunrise is the golden time to s l o w l y gather my thoughts.

Think for a moment of some of the things you’ve gathered over life . . . or wanted to. A collection of 70’s vinyls? Family recipes? Perhaps vintage bicycle parts; musical instruments; eclectic friends; toddler toys and dirty laundry; antique books; Tiffany bracelets; blue chip stamps or unique cactus varieties? Some days we gather up our thoughts just so helter skelter when the darn alarm fails at its one and only purpose. Some days we gather our thoughts in checklist fashion, praying for a way to get it all done. Some days only three thoughts will stick together—usually COFFEE and MORE COFFEE.

The nineteenth century Scottish author, George McDonald, would write the following phrase about this or that character as they awoke, “He came to himself slowly as was his custom.“ That expression indicates taking time to gather. Ourselves and our thoughts.

Just a little early Saturday morning rambling. Have a great day come what may.

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