Little Green

Fruit from the family tree.

Literally. Picked from the family garden in Central Coast California. The days I recently spent there, relaxing in the sunshine, breathing in fresh air, feet propped up on an outdoor wicker loveseat . . . summertime hours spent reading in the shade of a tall apple tree. As I unwound and relaxed there without a care in the world, I saw Little Green way up top, swaying in the breeze, just doing his thing, growing in the California sun.

I have yet to figure out how Marina was able to perfectly pick this little one, so high on the tallest branch. It had caught my eye with that faint pink blush on its cheeks, somehow visible from 25 feet below.

What do we do with the fruit on the family tree? Answer: we water it, we nourish it, we enjoy watching it grow and mature from a blossom to a fruit that in it’s own turn will nourish others.

I sliced up Little Green this morning and while I did it spoke a simple truth to me. The slicing revealed the good core that was there because it had received what was needed as it grew. Sunshine, air, water, and love.

At the core of a thing—ANYTHING we put love and time into—is the accumulating result of that time and those ingredients. At the core we will see health and growth if we got it right. And also at the core are the seeds that will produce more of its kind.

Whenever it is in our power to do so we must nourish the growing fruit within our garden-sphere be it in the home garden, a new venture, our workplace, local shelter, international non-profit or elsewhere. The job of today is to take care of the fruit so it might bring forth more in its tomorrow.

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