Side of the Road

While driving north on the freeway most mornings, every now and again I’ll experience a fleeting twinge of sadness at this one particular and recurring sight. There on the side of the road is an arm chair broken in two from a fall off a truck; a lone couch cushion all tattered and torn; random items that once belonged to someone, now abandoned on the side of the road. The result of an unsecured tie-down l suppose.

The equivalent scenario in the human factor? A once valued but now distant friendship, a strained relationship we meant to make better, a weakening connection we planned to strengthen in time. A rough patch or unforeseen bump in the road tested the strength of our “tie-down” and the bump won the day. These are the regrets of accidental loss.

Regardless of how it occurred losing what we meant to keep can happen on the road to somewhere else, our eyes being focused on what lies ahead and where the journey is taking us. Before we know it countless miles have been logged without so much as an awareness that something we valued has slipped away. Flown off the truck. Left by the side of the road.

What was the old hymn Grandma used to sing? “Blest be the tie that binds . . .” If its of value then its safe to say that we’d best strengthen the tie that binds.

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