I know how to sew. How to pick up a needle and thread and reattach a wayward button; how to use a sewing machine to create a wedding gown even. I’ve covered a couch with new upholstery and made drapes and baby quilts. So why didn’t I feel compelled to pick up a needle and thread when the tiny hole first appeared in my fave (not necessarily stylish or attractive but still favorite) house slippers?

We often think that things won’t get worse so our attention goes to the things that have the potential to blow up. But a tiny hole in a knitted slipper will only grow larger when continually worn without repair. If I were to throw these in the back of the closet never to wear them again there would be no further stress upon the broken threads of yarn. Things would remain in the same state. But, since they’re regularly worn day by day, the tiny hole continues to grow and unravel.

The word? Repair.

Do the simple mending early on. The things that need even the smallest amount of attention will continue to unravel if we neglect the basic maintenance needed. That goes for work problems, people problems, relationships too. Neglecting a small tear or rip in either a slipper or a relationship will lead to an unraveling. Get to the task of mending and do it sooner rather than later if something or someone is of value to you. People first, things next. If we cherish it and need it, we must repair it.

Don’t wait. The first signs of unraveling are the signs that NOW it the time.

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