Round and Round

The Relics Mall in Paso Robles is one of those places where individual vendors have set up their wares in a collection of wandering stalls—all under one roof, providing hours of enjoyment to the history buff, the collector, and the curious.

So many treasures from a day gone by. Everyday items from decades before take on a new persona when displayed with a 21st century eye. If given a moment or two you may even begin to hear whispers or see images of 1950’s teens spinning the latest bebop singles on these “45s.”

Life goes round and round, “like a record baby” and our moments, days, and years form the grooves, filled with lyrics both happy and sad. One hit wonders and double LPs. Our lives contain many a melody and many a tune. The song we carry today and the tone we choose to play are themselves being recorded. Then in time, after we have become relics, will be played by succeeding generations. Our personal melodies will be tracks laid down in the memories of those whose lives we touch today.

Yeah, life goes round and round. Spinning, getting scratched, getting skipped. But the song! Its so worth playing. And when its played well will be listened to and recalled with fondness, joy, and all the good vibes that we enjoyed while recording it. Round and round.

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