Smooth It Over

Have you ever used that magical product that removes the gummy, left-behind gunk from old price tags and stickers? Goo-Gone. It works like a charm. Sometimes requiring a little more elbow grease than others but it definitely does the trick. It contains some citrus leaf extract but the miracle ingredient is oil.

Olive oil, coconut oil and others—they’re good for the heart in more ways than one. They help clean gunk from our arteries (so saith Dr. Oz) and smooth our rough places. Things and people that smooth things over are good to have on hand. We all need more of that in our lives.

Oil of gladness. Oil that anoints old testament kings and street corner prophets and oil that gave new life to the tin man (speaking of Oz).

What can we do today to smooth things over, wipe off some old gunk or bring a little new life to a dream or a friend? Maybe for myself, or for someone I care about, someone I work with, or perhaps even a frustrated stranger in line at the market.

Be the oil today. Smooth it over.

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