New Name

What defines you? How do people who know you well describe you? I’m not referring to that short list of folks who happen to know your faults and failings and keep you in your place as needed by reminding you. Could your supporters distill your defining qualities into a word or two or three? And what would that be?

Sometimes when we falter, sometimes when we stall out, we hear names in our head that we dare not speak out loud because that might make them real. In the down times we can feel like we’re wearing that name across our forehead or in a meme for all to see. However . . .

None of us want to be known by a name that was born out of a weakness. Coward, Loser, Slacker, Failure, Dishonest, Judgmental, Stupid. Nah, where’s that tee-shirt? Nobody ever inscribed that on a crown and wore it proudly.

What is that other name that comes to you, rising up from your spirit and swirls in your mind? You may want to hold onto it silently to protect it as if its too fragile to be verbalized. You may want to yell it out as boldly as you can in acknowledgement of the incredible gift or talent or strength you’ve been given.

What is your true name—your new name? Live that!

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