It isn’t always easy and it often isn’t exactly as we had pictured in our mind’s eye. But step into it we must.

Well, actually there are other options but I adjure you today not to choose one of them. Our lives are ever evolving—what they look like, how they’re shaped and as living beings we grow in small—sometimes gigantic ways every day. Barring physical illness, even our fingernails and the length of our hair does it’s thing and grows. SO WHY NOT YOUR SPIRIT? You’re not done. You’re still growing. You’re still expanding, and depending on where you are in your own life cycle that rate of growth may be accelerated or at a snails pace but the truth remains. Our lives are moving forward.

Alternate choices may include many, many crafty options such as boxing up our dreams for safe-keeping, to be placed on a shelf for “some day” or perhaps burying them in the cold, dark ground, out of sight therefore out of mind. Maybe making them comfortable in an easy chair, out of the action of day to day.

Graceful and talented ice dancers will skate backwards just long enough to set up and then execute their next spectacular move, wowing us, taking our breath away. They do this entirely by design with an end result in their vision. And that vision, whether with flourishes and triple axels or not has one purpose and that is the same one we must choose daily. That is to move in one exquisite direction otherwise known as forward.

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