Come and Go

A friendly local couple stopped by for a drink last night. They do so practically every evening sometime between 5:30 and 7pm. I keep the bird bath full of fresh water for this couple and a few others who occasionally stop by when they’re in the neighborhood.

This time last year I almost needed an air traffic controller for my little local “tavern.”The smallest little birds would come first to drink and bathe, probably about seven of them. Next were three to five medium sized little visitors, some with red heads and some with yellow chest feathers—a colorful bunch! They were followed a few minutes later by my friends pictured here, the peaceful and cooing doves. Then something changed with this delightful and enjoyable evening routine. A single large black crow began making its way to this drinking hole. A few weeks later a young hawk took up residence in the greenbelt and would camp out in a hidden place in the overgrown honeysuckle on my garden wall. And then an owl began to swing by late at night. It was all good having these new folks stop by for refreshments and to be part of the growing circle of life. At first the only thing I noticed that had changed was that the family of three rats were gone. Vanished. Awesome actually! And then the two lizards that would hide under the geraniums but come out to sun themselves, they too disappeared. Hmmmm. I missed them sunning and supercharging themselves out there on the patio. And then the smaller birds were no longer bathing happily and chirping away. All that was left were the doves.

Getting quickly to a point here, sometimes someone comes into your circle of friends who has power, influence, may be swifter than the others, more intelligent, more driven, and . . . with a greater appetite and need for more. It’s on us to somewhat moderate our circle of friends, standing up for the smaller and weaker ones when needed. Yes, it seems cool at first when the “rats” on the edges of your group get weeded out until you notice that the friends that brought you joy have gone into hiding as well.

It definitely takes all kinds to make this world go round and yet a little prevention goes a long way in nature and also with our circle of friends. Protect the good. The birds of prey will take flight if they come to understand that friendship is a place to enjoy each other and find refreshment instead of it being a place to devour.

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