Always and Forever

Always and Forever

People I look up to are getting visibly older. People I care about have begun to speak of retirement plans. Several key role models from my younger years have gone now. Certainly not their memory, not their good counsel, not the encouraging words they poured into me to strengthen my heart in the trying times, not their exemplary modeling of strength and uprightness — but their presence.

The captions in this recent drawing from my dear sweet Jaden speak what the overflowing heart feels; Always and Forever.

The imprint that we leave on the hearts of those we love is the thing that will remain with them through the rest of their earthly days even after we are “no more.” It is worth just a moment of our time to think about what we might intentionally decide to impart into others today. When we least expect it our words and the simplest of actions, be they loving, kind or otherwise, will be captured in a master logbook in someone’s mind or perhaps in a child’s drawing. Always and forever.

By the way, I’m the one in blue. And you can just see it in my eye . . . ♥️

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