Door Number One

We drank a refreshing pineapple anise infused water this Mother’s Day 2019. We shared family stories and financial matters and food and future plans. We couldn’t all be together but thank God for phone calls and texts and even the US postal service which delivered love to my doorstep. Literally.

Love arrived in a box. And now its a part of my gallery wall where I’ll daily be reminded about Mother’s Day love and family love and deep, soul enriching love that keeps heart and hope and happiness alive and well.

Love was sent to me in a box with my name written on it and, though it was delivered to my doorstep with care, there were a few things that had to be done in order to accept it. Number one, it required opening the door! Number two, it had to be brought inside. Number three, the box had to be opened! Number four, as the intended recipient of such a gift, I had to determine on the spot if it was to be enjoyed and appreciated or tucked back in the box and kept hidden away. Perhaps to be cherished occasionally at a tender thought of it. Hmmmmmm, keep it safe under lock and key?

Nah . . . Open the box!

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