Life is Like A Box of Cronuts

This is what a $4.50 cronut looks like. Perfectly crisp bacon crumbles atop a maple glaze embellishment, adorning a croissant/donut mashup that was executed with flawless perfection.

Sometimes you don’t know that a thing is on your bucket list (or that you actually even have one) until you’ve checked it off. Cronut—check! It was a sinful moment of refined white flour, sugar, and pork fat perfection.

And sometimes we have that moment of truth when we realize that a thing we’ve wanted and thought about and dreamt of wasn’t all it was cracked up to be after all. Or healthy for us either. The experience or relationship or dream that held promise of being so much better than our current reality didn’t match up with our expectations of something that felt like it should be perfect.

Life itself isn’t perfect. Our cookies will crumble. Plans will go awry. People may disappoint and disapprove. It’s okay! Life Is beautiful and imperfect at the same time with its cronuts and crumbles and left turns and amazing discoveries of everyday people and things that were never even on our bucket list but were meant to be part of our story. Savor the crumbles!

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