Best Wishes

My father’s name was Robert Henry but he always went by Bob. He earned his engineering degree from USC a long, long time ago but before he attained his degree he was an earnest student, running to class, writing papers, cramming for exams, and praying he’d pass just like any other college kid trying to make the grade.

How I wish that he were still alive to attend our nephew’s commencement ceremony to be held at UCI today. Dad died too soon from a painful bone cancer as did his mother. But reflecting on happier days, oh how “Bob” loved a good football game and had a colorful story or two that he used to like to tell. Today as our family gathers to acknowledge and herald the four years of academic preparation that my nephew has completed, I will imagine my dad, there in the crowd, cheering him on. And who knows? Perhaps he will be cheering, “Way to go Morgan!” from the best seat in the house.

Morgan, this post is for you, on this day that celebrates your hard work and achievement. With lots of love from all of us and Best Wishes from Bob.

Concordia University Irvine

School of Business

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