Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Maybe it’s time to watch Field of dreams again or, if you’ve never seen this film, it’s a YouTube must rent. The plot revolves around “a voice” telling Iowa corn farmer, Kevin Costner, “if you build it he will come.“ He plows under his family’s profitable cornfield at great personal expense and transforms it into a working baseball diamond. Gradually former baseball legends, all passed on now, appear as they did in their glory days here in this field of dreams to pitch, hit, catch, and run bases. All the while thinking they’re perhaps in heaven since here they are, in their prime again, doing what they love and were born to do.

A nice wrinkle in the story is that of a young rookie who disappeared from the sport after his first game. We learn through movie magic that he made a critical choice to go into medicine instead of baseball and as a result, led his life treating the sick and making others well. Pictured above is Doc Graham played by Bert Lancaster. It’s a portrait of and a testament to all those who have given up something so very important to themselves— something that they were destined for, born to do even, and yet chose instead to serve others and in turn became the healers among us such as medical doctors, psychologists, inspirational authors, pastors, and such. They coulda stayed.

Thank you for laying down the life you had planned and prepared for, trained and strove so hard for. Thank God for the personal sacrifices of the healers among us who laid down their own life plans to bring us all to wellness.

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