Get in the Mix

Get in the Mix

This is my lunch for today. Nutritious and delicious and packed in a re-purposed arugula container. The avocado oil hiding under the Swiss cheese will serve as the dressing with a squeeze of lemon.

Forest was right you know —life is like a box of chocolates. It’s also like a box of mixed greens and other good stuff that’s in today’s lunch. Cilantro packs a punch with its generous amount of Vitamin A and K for strong bones and teeth. Nutrient dense arugula is not only peppery to the taste but will strengthen your vision. The flashy red of the tomato will empower your heart. Throw in an apple for sweetness and you get the extra advantage of brain health. You can’t eat just one of these ingredients and get all of those benefits. It’s in the mix. The combination of components that will bring health and healing. Diversity and depth.

Get in the mix of real live, nutrient dense relationships and grow stronger! The peppery bite of arugula might be too strong for some on its own but mixed with a soothing drizzle of avocado oil, an apple slice and perhaps a sprinkling of sliced almonds . . . whoa!

Find a group to belong to; a church, synagogue, cycle club, something with a variety of gloriously unique others. Try bringing “you” to the table. People need a soothing drizzle or a peppery bite of you! And before you know it “you” becomes “us.” Get in the mix.

Nutritious and delish. Us.

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