Bees and Butterflies

They both have wings to fly. They both pollinate as they traverse from flower to flower. They both survive on the nectar they receive from each “house-call” they make. These are highly useful creatures designed with a purpose.

The bees live in a highly structured community. They don’t strike out on their own to find their way in life. There is no such thing as a self-made bee. They exist to support the colony and they each have a necessary role from worker to queen.

While butterflies are pretty to look at, helping flowers and fruit trees to flourish, our friends the honey bees create an end product enjoyed by wild bears, Pooh bears, and people alike.

We meet bees and butterflies in the span of our lifetimes. Those who are dedicated to getting things done for the greater good exist happily alongside the prettier, more graceful pollinators who take flight and touch down here and then there. They flutter along so elegantly, sipping nectar from the flowers they visit, while all along consistently gathering and spreading precious pollen from plant to plant and so fulfilling their destiny. Social butterflies with a social conscience if you will. Or a manifest destiny.

Have you ever observed a butterfly trying to make honey or trying to sting a perceived predator? I haven’t either.

You were designed to be you. Get out there today and be you. Spread your stubby little wings or your gracefully patterned pair and just be you. There is a place and a purpose for you as surely as there are flowers out there that need a visit from none other than you. Spread your wings and fly. 🦋

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