The Right Ingredients


I followed the instructions precisely. Carefully measured and combined great ingredients for what should have been an Instagram worthy plate full of blueberry topped magnificence. It looked like a rush hour pileup on the 405 South instead. Perhaps an exaggeration but that was my perception after the Paleo pancake disaster.

What if the ingredients had been even more precious than freshly milled almond flour, organic eggs from pasture raised chickens and non-GMO almond milk? What if I’d spent a lot more time, energy, and even more valuable resources over a span of days perhaps months on an project of much greater importance only to have it result in an epic fail?

There are times when it seems that we do all we know, follow the correct protocols, use all the right ingredients and yet the thing misses the mark. Instead of the crowning achievement we had envisioned the results are not only less than stellar but have gone off the rails.

Relationships fail. Deals fall apart. People we invested in will disappoint and pancakes will crumble. The good news is that each new day is just that. New.

The lyrics to that 90’s Chumbawamba song are running through my head, “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down. . .“ You see, we’ve been given a relentless spirit of “try again” and if you’ll quiet the noise of disappointment you’ll hear it too.

Get up again in your thinking. Learn whatever you can from past failures. Reframe the disaster so you see it in the light of being free to go at it again in a new way. It’s a new day after all

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