Late Bloomer?

Spring is coming!

When early buds begin to appear we know that blossoms are soon to follow. Then gradually and ever so slowly fruit begins to form. Oh to live a fruitful life with branches heavy laden because of an abundance of it!

Living a fruitful life—one that can be enjoyed by others and provide good things for others—that’s honestly the pinnacle of existence. Many a well established tree has already come to know that simple fact. And an interesting thought, a fruit tree doesn’t bear fruit to feed it’s self; pause and think about that. Birds and other small creatures may enjoy it’s fruit, as will humans, but the tree itself will thrive on being well-watered and on receiving sunshine and nutrients from down deep below the surface. The tree produces but doesn’t partake of it’s own fruit. So it is with us. The goal of creating a fruitful life is not to feed ourselves necessarily. Yet, though our fruit is for others to enjoy, there’s a unique nourishment that we receive when our lives are indeed fruitfully productive.

Has it been a while since you’ve seen tangible fruit in your life? Are you a late bloomer? Better late than never is oh so true! Seek out the good nutrients, remain well-watered, get plenty of sunshine. . . spring is on the way!

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