Awards Season

LVP stands for “Least Valuable Player.” That strikes me as harsh and reminds me of that one award that’s commonly presented at a junior high Sports Awards banquet. The Most Improved award has always been a go-to of coaches. Sometimes because the title is accurate, other times because it’s the only category left that the coach can possibly assign to a kid who just isn’t cut out for sports.

“Best Athlete.” Now there’s an award that’s obviously going to the kid who made the most runs, scored the most points, and was the overall MOST valuable to the success of the team. A golden title if ever there was one and awarded with a golden coated plastic or metal alloy figurine atop a pedestal, complete with name and date engraved, so one fine day you can recall the moment in time when you ruled the world as the MVP.

But suppose you’ve limped through or had to drag yourself through the last season as the LVP? Maybe even the last year, or decade? What trophy’s gonna come your way then huh?

I propose a new award by an otherwise similar name. The Real LVP goes to us all regardless of talent or pizazz or sparkle. And don’t get me wrong; this is not a “participation award” kind of thing.

People may tear you down to your face, or worse, behind your back. You may flop and fail. You might feel at times like you doubt your contribution to anything significant. There’s an award for that. . . you’re an LVP of a higher order.

Love, Value, Purpose. It’s what you were designed for. Both to give it and receive it and to live a life drenched in it. On the hard days and in the dry seasons we do well to recall that we are pure gold in the eyes of the One who designed us. This award also comes with a name and a date etched in so we can remember who we are and acknowledge that there is a determined season for us to reign as that coveted LVP. The season is now. It will always be now. Not “back then,” not tomorrow when I have my “stuff” together. It’s now. Can you hear the applause as you accept the award? You’re being cheered on so take it, believe the Coach that is telling you, this is not only FOR you but it IS you.

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