How Many Hands?

I visited the Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano yesterday – a delightful sunny day experience on so many levels. There was a children’s group of a local “Head, Heart, Hands, Health” chapter there learning about water conservation and composting; an abundance of organically grown produce in all shapes and sizes for sale, and under the shade of a leafy tree there was small-batch artisan bread served with fresh tangerine marmalade for the sampling. Just chilling and posing for our entertainment was the fattest, most gorgeous rooster I’ve ever met.

And if that was not enough, this entrance door led into a general store, now housed in an historic 1878 residence, once the home of a pony express rider in the days of early California. Swoon!

The detail that was put into the door knob alone, from an era when even basic hardware was skillfully decorated, was enough to stop my heart! Now that was the day when even the commonplace was elevated. The everyday object could be sublime and bring a sense of refinement to anyone that laid their hand to it. Ah, the Victorian era.

So I wondered, “How many hands have grasped that ornate bit of bronze ?” One hundred and forty years of granting entrance – the ongoing duty of a humble door knob. How many hands? Gentlewomen’s hands. Ranch hands. Banker’s hands, tradesmen’s hands, card player’s hands, walnut harvesters and orange grove owners hands?

Something to think about: YOU could be the means of opening a door for someone else. For the benefit of another’s head, heart, hands,or health perhaps? We are always looking for and hoping for that next open door that will change things for us. Perhaps you, my friend, even today, might be the means of opening a door for someone who is seeking.

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