Check out this vintage lacquered tray I acquired on a road trip a couple years ago. It isn’t high-end or of any significant value but it has a certain charm that lies in its simple hand-painted design. I like to envision an artist at a workbench using paint and brush to add a highlight here or a stroke of shading there. Strategic placement of both light and dark brushstrokes elevated this humble little serving tray into an object of understated beauty.

And I love it.

Do you ever sense that there’s an artful design for your life being created by all the light and dark brushstrokes you’ve experienced? I do and I confess that most of my “Aha” moments in regard to these defining events came after the fact. After the drama or emotion had subsided. But occasionally it’s been abundantly clear in the moment that this extraordinarily amazing thing or seemingly near tragic event was by design. Not random happenstance.

Even less dramatic, day to day living, loving, and learning end up creating unique brushstrokes ~ some visible, some internal, and they highlight aspects of personality, quality of character, and a variety of strengths as well as weaknesses. The darker strokes seem to accent the depth and dimension of the work in progress we each are.

There’s only one you, still in process, still having additional brushstrokes applied day by day. No mass-produced pre-printed design transfers only hand painted original ones.

I expect there to always be a stroke of wet paint (almost dry yet not quite) on some area of my life’s design. What a glorious thought to imagine that we are simultaneously a masterpiece as well as a work in progress.

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