Become Broken

The Joyful Life Magazine REST Summer 2021

I haven’t been posting since March while I’ve been up to other things. So excited to share that The Joyful Life magazine (a beautifully created women’s quarterly publication) included a piece I wrote in their summer 2021 issue. Become Broken is a story written in the heart of our early stay-at-home days. It literally took a government order that closed up my work place for me to experience a fresh new perspective. One that became clearer to me day, by day, by day. Suddenly working from home changed so many aspects of my life (as I once knew it) now that I worked and took lunch breaks at home instead of at the campus and cafeteria. The change in physical location itself gave me a front row seat to a garden-centered drama that occurred during my daily lunch breaks.

The changes that occurred meant there were new considerations beyond finding an open table, deciding on an entree or even how many cafeteria entrees to indulge in. And oh so much more to ponder; so much to consider when your perspective on life shifts due to fairly radical changes. Chosen by you or perhaps ordained by a master plan for your life, a change of perspective has the potential to alter your basic life trajectory.

So what will you ponder today?

No time for that? Then ponder what micro changes you can make in your attitude (not necessarily circumstances) to happily discover a new perspective that is waiting to reveal itself to you.

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