Trying Too Hard?

Oven roasted broccoli
in Grandma Cary’s Courier and Ives pie plate.

When pouring a bag of frozen broccoli onto a baking sheet to prep it for oven roasting I struggled getting it out of it’s packaging. The broccoli had been frozen in clumps that were too big to pass through the opening I’d cut in the bag. But rather than enlarge the opening (which I could have done and should have done) I tried to force it, causing a log jam of frozen broccoli florets instead. I stopped and took a deep cleansing breath.

Backing off a little and trying to get only one clump through at a time suddenly made more sense. I was trying too hard and getting frustrated.

Over broccoli.

Frozen clumps

Like me, have you ever caught yourself trying too hard to make something happen? Like you got your heart set on an outcome then poured all your energy and attention into it but it felt like you were hitting a wall? Imagine this: your tightly gripped, white knuckled hand grasping a door knob while pulling on it with all your might. You nearly dislocate your shoulder in the process. As your hand reddens and begins to show signs of swelling, you refuse to admit that trying harder isn’t working. The door won’t open no matter your intense exertion. You stop and flex your hand a bit to get the blood flowing again then realize that all you needed to do was to simply turn the door knob.

Maybe you’ve been pushing too hard. Maybe “less” is needed rather than more if “more” isn’t working for you. Maybe powering through—using brute force isn’t the answer. Maybe this situation it will take a different strategy.

When a continued aggressive approach isn’t working try backing off a bit. Try giving the door knob a slight turn. It may take the slightest shift to be dead on towards God‘s purpose for you. Take a deep breath, regroup, ease up a little. You might be surprised to find that the door will begin to open as what you wanted all along begins to pour out.

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