Do you find a repetitive pattern to be comforting or confining? Not that it has to be one or the other. Maybe there’s no real conscious awareness of your own patterns but I’ll bet you have some. Even most creatives (though perhaps unaware) have patterns that play out preceding moments of great originality while they color outside of the lines.

Patterns exist everywhere; in nature, in manufactured items of all sorts, and in our very own behaviors. From the petals of a pink camellia to the rippled water rings of a tossed pebble to our own mundane morning routines. And there’s something steadying about our patterns whether they include a morning cuppa and meditation, or a loudly blaring radio on a familiar freeway route, or the walk with the dogs around the block and back. These routines, yes patterns, somehow prepare us for the potential chaos of each new day by bringing an unconscious sense of familiarity.

Although I personally feel that the word “intentional” is overused right now, nevertheless, it is good practice. Good policy for the soul. Being intent on doing a thing is so very necessary especially in these days. If you are feeling adrift in this bizarre pandemic, politically charged, economically challenging season our entire globe is experiencing then look to installing a new pattern. A regularly scheduled quiet moment devoid of iPhone, laptop, vaccine updates, political unrest and such. Whisper a silent prayer—a request for peace or an acknowledgement of gratefulness.

You’ll begin your day more grounded and you never know . . . it just may become a new pattern. ♥️

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