The sun was out in fits and spurts yesterday. I captured photos of my fourteen foot tall roses as the sky changed from sunny blue to coldest gray. The various birds that regularly habitate my garden were definitely not bathing and drinking from the fountain as casually as they normally would be. Instead they darted around, flying through at low altitudes and at great speed. The darker the sky became the more frantic they seemed to become. It was about as dramatic as the frenetic forest scene in the Disney movie Bambi just before we realized that a raging fire was coming.

It didn’t last but a couple of minutes before the clouds parted, revealing once again a deep blue sky and golden sun. The winds died down, a sense of calm returned and the bird community resumed their normal daily pursuits. Peace had been restored.

We living creatures thrive in the blue-sky days of calm and rest and just as much we’re quickened by new opportunities, community gatherings, and contributing to the common good. Togetherness is no longer underrated but longed for. We’ve endured a year filled with ominous threat of disease, global unrest, loss of employment, and worse yet of family. We’re collectively tired from this storm of a year.

I pray for peace for us all as this new year is dawning. Real lasting peace that cannot be taken away and that can withstand any storm. Bring on the peace Lord, we’re ready.

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