Some of the best moments of 2020 (yes, there’s been some!) have been uninvited and unexpected.

Like the beautiful young hawk that paid me a visit yesterday. His arrival caught me by surprise as I wasn’t looking for him ~ wasn’t looking for anything or anyone ~ yet he flew into a nearby tree to rest for a moment and to assess the surroundings. I fumbled with my iphone and managed only a clumsy video of his visit. I was awestruck at how close we were from each other; just four feet away and separated only by the sliding glass door in my dining room. Such an entirely unanticipated encounter!

This is often how blessings come into our lives. Unexpected. As an uninvited visitor you didn’t quite know you were longing to see. And however brief the encounter may be you feel lifted, joyously optimistic, hope filled.

Wishing you love and blessings today when you least expect it.

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