Do you ever read the care tags sewn into clothing and textile products? My very favorite is the tag that reads, “Exclusive of Decoration.“ Sometimes that’s followed by an admonition to spot clean or dry clean only. While this statement declares that the item is special for various reasons its also noting that specific care is required.

We humans don’t come with printed declarations. Though some of us have definite “handle with care” requirements, without a visible care tag, others don’t always know that they must handle us with a certain type of care, or wash with like colors, or wash separately, or perhaps that we are basically made of easy care fabric and are totally washing machine safe.

Some of us are comfortable broadcasting our care requirements to anyone and everyone in our circle of friends. Others keep their care instructions discreetly tucked in. And there are those, made of more delicate fabric (not of sturdy denim or heavy weight canvas mind you), who are not willing or able to successfully tolerate the hot water cycles of living.

And aren’t there so many variations? Have you thought about what you’re drawn to? Is your first inclination to select someone who’s “Exclusive of Decoration“ visually (or otherwise) or do you ensure that your selection will be color-fast and machine washable; made to retain its true colors through many, many cycles.

This decorative pillow, though not dripping in diamonds and pearls, includes the following details: plaid piping, appliqué work, embroidery, crewel work, gold metallic thread accents, flame stitching, and hand applied mini pom-poms. Oh, and did I mention? It has a hidden zipper so you can freely access the contents.

If you were to take a moment for a little self examination how would you describe your own maintenance specifics if it helped others better understand how to better care for YOU? What would be written on your care tag?

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