So Thankful

Oh Thanksgiving 2020 ~ a year we didn’t see coming and that no one predicted. Just like so many others I lost a job I loved during this pandemic and with it so many unintended consequences. Although it’s been a struggle I find myself truly thankful for so many unanticipated things that have resulted. My faith, family, and friends, the roof over my head and good health; these are the things that matter today, even more than they did before.

Thousands of folks wait in food lines out of desperate necessity while I make up a batch of cornbread dressing and prepare to roast a Thanksgiving turkey, almost as normal as “before.” Something is off about that and it’s not possible to comprehend the how or the why of any of it. It’s inconceivable that so many lives have been altered, been lost, and so many hopes and dreams have been shuttered and shattered.

Yet . . . there’s a growing increase of ingenuity and resourcefulness being born in spite of it all. A resilience despite the crushing. Pandemic gratefulness is a powerful emotion, nudging us back to a place of appreciation for things that were considered just everyday common at this time last year.

Wishing you a day of reflection on what matters most.

5 thoughts on “So Thankful

  1. Joanne…
    Love and blessings to you.. yes so grateful for all that I have and don’t have!! I am thankful for so much especially for my faith!!!
    Happy Blessed Thanksgiving.
    Miss you friend 💕

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