Some of us are open; freely sharing all the good there is within—all the treasures, all the wisdom, all the tiny bits of gemstone beauty. Openly sharing, openly giving, openly bringing the good that we possess to light the world around us.

Some of us are more reserved; holding the most valuable, ruby-jeweled truths inside, protected and preserved as precious nuggets not to be carelessly scattered or unreservedly given away. Preferring a somewhat judicious and well-timed dispersement as appropriately best procedure.

And so the tree of life holds variations of the same fruit. Some will be harvested as their peak of perfection has reached its fullest. Some will cling to what feels secure until they wither, remaining fully intact yet their prime will have passed without one bit of nectar ever touching another living soul whether human or bird or any other. Perhaps like a bottle of fine wine being deemed so very precious then saved for a special moment that never comes. What should have been savored has now soured. Perhaps the seeds of those held back for “someday” will fall to the ground and in time produce new life. Who can tell?

Some though . . . some burst forth with a glorious display of truth, beauty, music, history, art, and all other wonders they can find no earthly reason to hold inside. They simply burst because there is remarkable beauty and inexplicable wonder to share.

And they are open.

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