The Boiling Days

Observe the slow dance moves of the tea bag with it’s partner Just Plain Water. Boiling hot.

Gently they swirl together. The heat of one brings out the essence of the other. If you squint you can almost see it flow . . .

One’s purpose is to hydrate and sustain life. The other’s is not crucially life sustaining yet they pair beautifully together. One imparts flavor, enjoyment, relaxation of mind, comfort as it’s essence is imparted. And yet it can’t impart nuthin’ without the other. It needs the fluid boiling heat of the other to bring it out.

Dang it, the boiling water days come and go in every life. Unavoidable and inescapable. Can we avoid the scalding though and allow those times to bring out our finest essence instead? Flooding our souls in the down times, in the quiet peaceful seasons with good and proper thoughts, words, music, good people, small deeds of compassion towards others—these are the things that create an inner substance of worth. An essence that is imparted in all days of ups and downs. Particularly the boiling water days.

(My apologies to WordPress and emailed readers . . . This format converts the hypnotic video I uploaded into a still image. You’ll have to imagine the dance that Instagram plays on repeat!)


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