Dream with me a moment. The ability is a wonderful human gift—the awake type of dream in particular.

To have a hope for something not yet realized . . . intangible because it doesn’t quite exist in any substantive form; growing very real within a heart and mind. Pondering an idea and spinning it around with hope and imaginative thought—it’s wonderful, it’s inspiring, it invigorates and fuels the spirit!

Architectural wonders and spectacular custom homes, Broadway plays and books of verse, movements for change and non-profits with purpose were all imagined and dreamt of as a “what if . . . ?” took shape in someone’s thought life.

And yet, untold dreams, some of ours even, have silently slipped into vaporous state. It is darn tricky to grasp an elusive vapor with bare hands. Perhaps it was nothing more than an impossible dream—trying to lay hold of those fleeting particles not glued together by hope or faith or purpose. There was no plan, no blueprint. The vision wasn’t written down. It then slipped away.

However, countless dreams have indeed become real and concrete and succeeded, in part, because they were clothed with a plan and developed with strategy, hard work and real labor. Oh, dream on! It starts there. But dreamer, get your toolbox out, add to it, consult others skilled in the trades. Imagine all the wonders then build them.

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