What he said . . .

Friday, Friday you’re f i n a l l y here. Wasn’t sure if you were going to make it and I really hoped you’d come.

Its been a seriously long, long week.

I was tired and I was thirsty so I found a friendly place to let it slip away. The atmosphere felt relaxed and the people were chill—just enough vibe to keep my heart beating. Someone there told me that a guy about my age, in his 30’s they said, did some crazy trick and turned a bottle of water into a fine Merlot. Nobody does that. Maybe he put some food coloring in? They said it tasted so darn good though.

Nobody walks into a place like this and tells me everything I’ve ever done—and that happened. Nobody takes the time to hear me out and let me talk; I don’t have the best stories you know. But he let me talk on and on and on. I don’t think there was anything left to say after that so I had another glass and then I listened.

The guy was like the brother you never had and the friend you always wanted. He wasn’t in a hurry and he bought the next round. So I guess not “like” the brother. He WAS the brother, father, friend.

Hey, Friday, I wish I could explain this so you’d understand. So you’d believe what I’m sayin is true. But all I know is this is real. This is what I didn’t know I needed and I’m going back.

For more.

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