Both Sides Now

Peonies or something much more exotic?

The large scarlet flower with the white tips is reminiscent of the Sarlacc pit, a reference only diehard Star Wars fans (or mothers of boys in a certain era) would understand. But what are these really?

We’re accustomed to making a diagnostic of a thing based on the vast compilation of images and experiences that we’ve gathered along life’s way. When we learn to look at things from both sides, from top to bottom, from different angles and points of view we will find, on occasion, that what we originally thought was incorrect.

These colorful blooms are week old roses. Softened just enough to have their stem and rosehead pulled away, leaving the petals intact. They of course won’t last long after having their core and lifeline removed. But in this moment they are beautiful, having been transformed into a unique looking species. In reality they are common garden roses.

There are some sides of each of us that we do not put face forward to others. Sometimes we don’t even know that this aspect of ourselves exists. We may feel an occasional glint of “one-of-a-kindishness” now and again in rare and fleeting sparkles. But the utter uniqueness is indeed there and sometimes it just takes a curious mind or a creative friend or an inquisitive observer to see something in us that we ourselves did not realize was there. And that can create a combustible moment if we’re open to bursting forth with our own unique, God-given colors, talents, and perspectives.

Just a garden rose? I don’t think so. Take a look from both sides now.

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