True Talent

An elegant red sports car made its way through the neighborhood streets where I live, driving safely with restraint and in moderate speed, about what I was driving in my comfortable four door sedan. We were both driving within the speed limit towards the nearest freeway entrance. Side by side we both made the same approach to the onramp that morning until this sleek little red marvel turned on its afterburners to speed ahead and give me the space needed to also make the green light at the onramp. Then it was as if their rocket boosters thrust it into light speed and out of my sight in an instant.

I pondered. It was the perfect picture of restraint when appropriate and of power when needed. I honestly marveled at the driver’s self-control while driving through the neighborhoods where young children played. So much horsepower in their hands yet they used it with great judiciousness. And with thoughtfulness to someone who also shared the same road.

It reminded me of a talented girl I once knew— someone I’ve mentioned before—having the illustration of her behavior still etched in my memory. This girl could sing and dance and play the guitar quite well AND look amazing which she often did all at the same time. Perhaps possessing the talent to rise through the ranks on one of those TV talent shows like The Voice but without the humbleness that made you want to cheer for her and beg God for her to advance to the next level. Her being on high performance level 98% of the time-on or off the stage- was just too much of a good thing. No control. Without restraint.

There’s something alluring about someone who possesses special talents and abilities yet doesn’t use them 24/7 in every situation. Power within restraint is a delicate art. The driver of that pretty red sports car knew this. Judiciously applied strengths, abilities, and agilities are the most powerful of talents.

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