One Good Eye

Oh my gosh, how precious!”

That’s what I thought when I saw this adorable pair staring at me. They’re a hand carved, hand painted, quite vintage, (though who knows or who even really cares just how old) reminder that the buddy system is still a really good idea.

Upon closer inspection you can see that each of these friends are missing an eye. They need each other and they know it.

Oh how often we go around trying to navigate this life with only one good eye, whatever that personally means to each of us. Having a deficit in our abilities or personality is manageable. We can cope, we can adjust and we do, but just how much do we miss because we think it’s easier to adapt to our shortcomings rather than to reach out? Eyes were designed to work in tandem after all.

These guys have what it takes to make a great pair, each possessing what the other one lacks. You can just tell by the look in their one good eye. This colab is going to stick together and stand up for one another. Side by side they’ve increased the likelihood of having vision beyond what they would surely experience by going it alone.

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