No Surrender

So many messages from so many places. Shaping our thinking which in turn shapes the next decision and then our mind set as well. Then from mind set to life stance. What do I stand for and what do I stand against? The big stuff is easier to identify but then life isn’t entirely made up of bigs. There’s a whole lot of smalls that are subtly present and vying for our attention, good and bad. The smalls want real estate in your mind just like that burning desire to own Park Place and have four hotels on it.

“No Surrender” is a battle cry of sorts—even when it appears on a coffee pod. What won’t you surrender to today, big or small?

Unfairness to others when safe and wise intervention can stem the tide?

Unnecessary harsh words when kindness will do?

Neglect when even the slightest amount of caring will lift another’s spirit?

“No Surrender” is also a call to action, even when it appears on the seal of a coffee pod. How will I interpret that message today?

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