Stir It Up

I’ve been reading and really enjoying a newly released book by Dr. John Townsend, “People Fuel: fill your tank for Life, Love, and Leadership.”

Close to the end of chapter five my thoughts began to swirl as the subject matter clearly touched some unfinished business that lay beneath the surface of my conscious mind. It was almost as if I heard a small clear ring of a bell. There was a fleeting moment of recognition and familiarity—an “Ah ha! I get it . . .” Then it was gone.

Stay with me while I explain what I experienced in that moment with my own personal imagery. Picture a large pot of vegetable soup simmering on a stove in a commercial kitchen. At first glance all you see is a beautifully rich stock until you dip in a long handled ladle and give it a good stir. Behold! All manner of ingredients begin to rise to the surface, circulating within the pot. Oh . . . you see something swirling there that resonates! Your heart and mind connect and you follow that “something” as it swirls. It gradually begins to slow and as it does it sinks back beneath the surface and out of sight. It is gone! Where did it go? With one good stir it rose to the top as if from nowhere and then almost as quickly sunk back down and out of sight.

Now there is discovery and awareness of something that has been there awhile, maybe all along, and it’s just now being seen. Allow that for some reason it slipped from view, maybe from a need for self-protection or perhaps something entirely different. The important thing is that this hidden element was seen.

All that from chapter five which, by the way, does NOT include a recipe for vegetable soup, LOL! But its a great read and theres so much more to go. I have one word . . . Amazon.

Image from The Kitchen Is My Playground

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