Have you taken root? Are You growing well? Thats the point after all.

We each did not come in to this world to do nothing but exist, obtaining what we need to scrape through another day.

In this Sunday morning moment I think of Nick V. from Australia. Born without arms or legs. He cannot run a marathon and win. He cannot pledge allegiance to any flag in any country by physically placing his hand over his heart. He can’t plow a field and harvest it’s crop. But Nick V. is established. Nick V. is growing and doing well. Exceedingly well. He travels the world and encourages audiences large and small and whoever will listen to maximize all that they are and all they’ve been given and, in essence, get established. For a purpose. Whether to educate, inspire, build a home, raise a child, write a blog, pour a glass of wine, provide clean water in a distant land, open a door for a lady or a door of opportunity for someone outside your small circle.

Are you growing and growing well? Get it in your head early that you have a purpose and that you need to grow into it. Don’t get stuck trying to figure that part out—it will come.

Grow and get your soul established And you may just find that the thing that makes you stronger will also lead you right into who you were born to be and what you were meant to do.

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