Fiddleheads are the unfurled, living, breathing, about to come in to its own, early growth of a fern. They’re fascinating to observe with their curled shape. Chefs harvest them, batter them in buttermilk and cornmeal and by gently sautéing them, they transform them into a tasty springtime delicacy.

Awesome, but. . .

Barely given the chance to grow and now, never being able to expand through a full life cycle, they’re chosen for the chef’s purpose and harvested. No more to grow. No future to fulfill, they will never reach the extended, full-length version that they were intended to reach.

They’re super cute, full of nutrients, and delicious if you care for a flavor similar to asparagus. But . . . within the moment of a delicious bite or two they’re gone. Consumed. Forgotten.

Don’t be a fiddlehead. A shooting star. A flash in the pan if you will. Unfurl. Live and display your talent to the fullest extent that you were created to do. Age doesn’t matter. Young or old, unfurl and be.

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