The Lighting

Flower, candle, books. Ordinary things that are useful as well as beautiful. The candle and the flower both possess a signature fragrance. The books are full of history and poetry and entertaining tales. They each give a sense of light in their own way.

The words contained in these books, penned by Shakespeare and Stevenson and David, shed a mind-illuminating light when opened, read, and pondered. The flower cannot be born without light and is best appreciated when sunlight or candlelight displays its individual colors and ruffles.

The candle! Once lit it drives away the darkness. It casts shadows. It illuminates people and spaces and the things in those spaces. But no candle, no flower, no words of wisdom will ever shine or burn or inspire without first a spark. The Lighting is a sacred moment when a wick first begins to burn, when words become wisdom, when a faint fragrance is revealed as a beguiling rose in full bloom. The Lighting. The illuminating and powerful moment when life begins and growth commences. The Lighting.

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