Crown Her

I watched the first episode of The Spanish Princess with a friend and was blown away by this period piece for its visuals alone. Set in the early 1500s the costumes were incredible. The interiors and exterior’s were lush and beautiful. There was a scene in the first nine minutes of this production that captured my attention though. Queen Isabella, wearing her golden suit of armor mounts her horse, putting on her crowned helmet then charges into battle with sword raised high. Wow, what an image of a powerful woman! She emerged from the fray covered in the blood of the enemies she had slain, both sword and crowned head held high. She possessed confidence, skill in battle, and authority.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A dear friend and colleague of mine has decided to retire from her career in higher education to spend time with her long since retired husband. She has served our university faithfully and well as the only woman dean of one of our five colleges. She will be celebrated today and in doing so we’ll take a brief bit of time to reflect upon her valiant leadership, unfailing compassion for others, and mentorship of those in her circles high and low.

Now THAT is a leader. She has worn an invisible crown with head and sword held high through battles and victories as well. Today she lays them down and proceeds to the next chapter in her story.

You will be deeply missed and we, your faithful friends and subjects will console ourselves knowing you’re headed off to reign well in other lands.

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