Cronuts and Coffee and Kale, oh my . . .

Cronuts and Coffee and Kale,

oh my . . .

That’s just what we had at Ellie’s Table when we met to enjoy some time together recently. Getting to know someone involves a lot of listening and absorbing the content of the other person’s story. And coffee. There needs to be good coffee or perhaps the relationship will be doomed from the start!

We both shared stories while sipping on a pretty decent macchiato, slowly sampling a nutritious kale salad and devouring a maple bacon cronut. Sipping, sampling, savoring—that’s what we do when we’re exploring a new relationship. Time is involved and really quite necessary if we’re to understand and enjoy the qualities and characteristics of someone new to us.

Wolfing down a fine meal (or cronut & coffee) doesn’t allow space and time for savoring. We would do well to slow things down and finesse the art of savoring. Whether kale, coffee, or cronut; whether a story of a time gone by or a sad tale of a broken heart, or the exhilaration experienced when jumping out of a plane. One sip, one taste, one bite at a time . . .

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