It Takes Two

It takes two to make a thing go right. Actually in this case three. When we see a limey green lichen growing on a rock in a mountain stream we’re seeing an oxygen producing, pollutant absorbing symbiotic relationship at its finest. We may want to curse it for causing our foot to slip into the rushing stream water yet it’s at the very center of our existence. No oxygen, no life. Algae, fungi, and a third algae partnership, silently doing their thing and through photosynthesis converting carbon dioxide into life-sustaining oxygen.

Consider what efforts you’re currently engaged in that just might create something more meaningful, perhaps more dynamic if partnered with the ideas and contributions of one or two others. Being in community doesn’t simply mean a potluck at the Elks club, or an ice cream social at the church. Maybe it’s a Cleanup day down at the beach picking up bits of plastic trash side-by-side with people you’ve never met. Maybe it’s an academic project that you’ve turned over and over in your mind. It might be a fantastic time to bring in other minds that don’t think exactly the way we ourselves do. Yeah, I enjoy solitude as much as the next introvert but it’s helpful and constructive and useful and glorious the day you wake up and say, “ hey, it does take two (or more) to make a thing go right.

Lyric snippet by Rob Base and D J E-Z Rock

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