They Hung Their Heads

Fresh lavender from the Central Coast of California.

There were lilacs and Easter candy that arrived in the same box that had fared much better than these. And then there was the fragrance that filled the room as I opened the package sent by some who loves me and knows just what I love as well.

The box of treasures contained an organic herbal blend of tea, a fresh new tea towel, an antique floral printed saucer that had been somehow separated from its matching cup, and a grapefruit scented candle in a little tin. Then there were these sad little fellas who didn’t make the journey quite so well.

They seemed like a fitting representation of the mourning hearts of those who’d put their hopes in a new-coming King. One they’d been praying for. One who would deliver them from the iron fist of the Roman occupation. But sadly it didn’t end that way.

Many hung their heads as their hopes for a new day died. Literally died.

But . . . it didn’t end that way. And it truly does seem to be the darkest just before the dawn.

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